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FY18 – FY19 Application for Non-Departmental and Federal Funds are now available

Application documents can be downloaded from the City’s website at or Paper copies of the application documents can be obtained by calling 646-5633, visiting 1500 E. Main Street, Suite 400, or the Richmond City Main Library located at 101 E. Franklin Street.

City Upgrades Leaf Collection Program with Zone Revisions and Events

The City of Richmond begins its annual vacuum leaf collection program on Monday, November 28.  There will be one cycle.  To better streamline the program’s operation, each vacuum collection zone has been divided into several sub-zones with their own collection dates.  The smaller, more defined areas will make it easier for crews to incrementally complete the larger zones. The collection schedule is as follows:

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Residents are reminded when signs for vacuum collection are posted in the sub-zones to rake their leaves to the property line adjacent to the street, but not into the street or culvert.  Dirt, rocks and debris must be removed from the leaf piles in order for vacuum service to be completed.

In addition to the new sub-zones, the Department of Public Works also is offering incentives to those who choose to bag their leaves.  On Saturday, November 19, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. DPW will hold an event to provide City residents with biodegrada…