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New Idlewood Roundabout Affords Easier Access to VCU

The city’s Idlewood Roundabout is now fully operational.  It was installed where Idlewood Avenue converges with Grayland Avenue and the Downtown Expressway off ramp. The project also included the conversion of Idlewood Avenue from one-way to two-way between Harrison and Cherry streets.   

The gateway feature of the roundabout links the Randolph and Oregon Hill neighborhoods, while providing an additional entrance into the VCU campus. 

The plan was conceptualized several years ago through partnerships among DPW, VCU, the Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (RMTA) and the Oregon Hill and Randolph communities. The goal was to create a gateway, improve transportation safety, livability and improve access for users in the area.  

The $960,000 project was funded through the VDOT Revenue Sharing Program with support from VCU and City CIP funds.