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Major Enhancements to Bulk and Brush Collection Program

As of December 18, 2017 city crews will begin collecting bulk and brush items bi-weekly. Residents will no longer be required to phone in to schedule the service. 

Because the every-other-week collections will mirror the bi-weekly recycling schedule, residents will need to know what day recycling is picked up in their neighborhood. The recycling schedule is posted on both the city and CVWMA websites. It also is being mailed out to each household within the city limits.  

In accordance with City Code Section 11-103, the city will no longer collect mattresses or indoor upholstered furniture. Other prohibited items include, but are not limited to, construction materials, carpet, car parts and tires.   

To assist residents who may need to dispose of mattresses and upholstered furniture, the Department of Public Works will host several Neighborhood Cleanups throughout the city. The schedule for each area is posted on the city website.  

Upholstered items also can be taken to: 

East Richmond Roa…