Friday, April 11, 2014

Vote Today for Your Favorite RVA Rain Barrel

~ City request public input on best Richmond Public School decorated RVA Rain Barrel ~

The City requests your vote on naming the best decorated RVA Rain Barrel for 2014. As part of Virginia’s ”Build a Barrel - Save the Bay” program, the City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities is asking the public to vote for their favorite rain barrel that has been decorated by City of Richmond Public Elementary Schools’ 5th graders.

Cast your vote today by visiting Voting categories include Most Creative, Most Outrageous, and Tells the Best Environmental Story. The deadline for voting is Friday, April 25 at noon.

The winning barrels will be on display and announced at the Richmond Earth Day Festival at the 17th Street Farmers’ Market, in historic Shockoe Bottom, on April 26. The City’s Department of Public Utilities will be onsite to provide more information on the stormwater utility.

At the conclusion of the contest, each 55-gallon rain barrel will be donated and installed in city of Richmond neighborhoods.

Rain barrels are a great method of reducing storm water runoff and can be made at home or purchased ready-made. The benefits of attaching a rain barrel to your home include:
·         Free irrigation for your lawn and garden
·         Reduction of harmful runoff into rivers, streams and lakes
·         Saving money on water bills (garden and lawn irrigation accounts for 40 percent of residential water use during the summer according to the Environmental Protection Agency)
·         Rainwater is better for your plants and soil
·         Homeowners can save 1,300 gallons of water during the growing season
·         Provides an alternate water source for lawn and garden during periods of water restrictions or drought
·         Reduces the amount of water that must undergo wastewater treatment

Visit for more information on rain barrels and the stormwater utility.