Friday, May 8, 2015

MPACT Meetings in May

The following are the City of Richmond MPACT meetings taking place in May.

1st. PCT - May 27th
Community Wealth Building with Thad Williamson UCI 2015 with Deputy Police Chief and UCI Community Engagement Director Monica Callahan Public Safety/CAPS  

2nd Precinct - May 4th Meet New Police Chief Parks and Rec on History of Pocosham Park

3rd Precinct - May 14th Meet New Police Chief Stormwater Utility and Green Alley Program

4th Precinct - May 21 Meet New Police Chief Code Enforcement on Blighted Properties

During these meetings, residents are able to discuss concerns they have in their community, hear from City Departments and administration about events that affect their community and the City, as well as become an active member in helping improve the aesthetic qualities of their neighborhood through volunteer opportunities.

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