Tuesday, July 18, 2017

RPD Opening Hydrants to Keep Kids Cool

With recent high temperatures soaring into the nineties, the Richmond Police Department has come up with a plan to help children in the city stay cool. During the heat wave, RPD officers will be opening water hydrants on hot summer afternoons in several city neighborhoods. They started today.

RPD Chief Alfred Durham recruited other city agencies, the Department of Public Utilities and the Department of Public Works, to make the process possible.

“I remember as a child when they would open the hydrant in my neighborhood so we could play in the cool water,” said Chief Durham. “We looked forward it so much. I’d like to thank DPU and DPW for working with us to make it happen.”

The hydrants will be opened for two hours at a time on a rotating schedule until temperatures moderate in these Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority communities:

·         Creighton
·         Fairfield
·         Gilpin
·         Hillside
·         Mosby
·         Whitcomb

RPD officers will open and close the hydrants and will monitor each location for safety issues.

1921 Accommodation (Intersection of Accommodation and Redd Streets)
SUNDAY / 2:00-4:00

TUESDAY / 4:00-6:00
2500 Bethel Street (Intersection of Bethel and Magnolia Streets)
MONDAY/ 2:00-4:00

WEDNESDAY / 4:00-6:00
2112 Creighton Road (In front of community center)
TUESDAY / 2:00-4:00

FRIDAY / 4:00-6:00
2500 Rosette Street (Intersection of Rosetta and Phaup Streets)
SATURDAY / 2:00-4:00

THURSDAY / 4:00-6:00
1200 St. John (Intersection of St. John and W. Federal Streets)

1834 Southlawn Avenue
SATURDAY/ 11:00-1:00

THURSDAY / 6:00-8:00